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Learning Alexander Technique

An Alexander Technique lesson in progress

The Alexander Technique is to do with allowing change to occur where and when it’s appropriate. However, our familiar movement patterns usually feel “comfortable” – even though their effects might cause grief. It’s very difficult for anyone to free themselves from their grip without being given direct experience of how this can be achieved. Our unaided attempts to relax, or “sit up straight”, or do exercises are unlikely to be fully successful and could delay lasting improvement.

The role of the AT teacher is to show you how your mind and body co-ordinate in your everyday activities. Stress impacts on the neck muscles and this upsets the whole postural balance. A key principle is to learn how to free the neck of excessive tension so that the head can balance more delicately on top of the spine & the torso can lengthen and widen.

Most people need a course of 12-15 lessons over a few months – starting weekly – to create a solid foundation & to begin to acquire the skills for further self-development.

Individual lessons last 45 minutes (except the initial appointment, which takes an hour). Fees are moderate (currently £30) and concessionary rates are available on request.

Cancellations: Please give 48 hours’ notice; otherwise you may be liable for the full fee.

Introductory Workshops

Every couple of months or so, short workshops will be held in Norwich to introduce the basic ideas of the Alexander Technique with practical demonstrations.

Please phone Jonathan on 01603 503794 for an individual appointment or query, or if you want to find out about forthcoming workshop dates.

Releasing position

Practising the Alexander Technique lying down in the releasing position

For more information click on Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique or
The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

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