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Tai-chi and Ch'i Kung - the approach

For some years I had tried to teach what I believed to be the best of the many different variants of the most popular style of Tai-chi worldwide – Yang style. Then, in 2001, I began studying the Yang family's original programme with Jim Uglow. This process has – and continues – to be a revelation.

Towards the end of the last century, the Yang family decided to transmit their full teaching to the west, something which had never happened before. Three students have been charged with the responsibility of assimilating and in turn, passing on to their students, this knowledge. Jim Uglow (England), John Conroy & Joe Balthazar (USA) are students of Mary Yang, head of the Yang family in Hong Kong.

It says in the classic Tai-chi texts: "Power is rooted in the feet, developed in the legs, commanded through the waist, expressed in the hands." The question is, how do you get the power into the feet?

The Yang family teaching answers this, detailing a precise and thorough understanding of how mind & body are coordinated in movement and how intrinsic power is developed for healing or as a martial art.

One of Mary Yang's particular contributions to the art has been to devise a series of "softening" exercises to help westerners find their way into the deeper structure of the Tai-chi form. Now it is possible to learn the Ch'i Kung programme on its own and get many of the benefits of Tai-chi, without having to master a form.

Regular attention to, and the proper practice of, Tai-chi and Ch'i Kung:

  • develops intrinsic power
  • improves muscle tone in the body core & legs
  • increases flexibility & flow in movement
  • co-ordinates mind & body
  • raises energy levels & promotes vigour.

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